Who We Are

We are a small community of followers of Jesus Christ.

Rooted in Burien since the 1960’s, we love our town and all that live here. We believe we are to “BE the Church.” That is: Love God, love one another, love others.

We accomplish this by submitting to God and his word (the Bible), allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us and strengthen us with the love (agape) of the Father.

What We Believe

About God

There is but one true and living God, creator of all things, eternally existing in three person: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Because God the Father so loved mankind, He sent His son, Jesus Christ, who willingly sacrificed His life to forgive our sins and then rose again, enabling His Holy Spirit to dwell in us.

The Bible is the writing through which God has communicated His plan for humanity. Authored by God, it is the complete revelation of His will for salvation and contains all that is necessary to live a life pleasing to Him.

About Salvation

We are created in God’s spiritual image to have a relationship with Him but, as a result of our disobedience, we were separated from God.

Salvation is the restoration of our relationship with God and can only be obtained when an individual turns from disobedience and receives God’s gracious gift through faith in Jesus Christ.

At the end of time, Christ will return to lead those who believe in Him to eternal life in heaven with Him.

About the Church

God’s will for those who have been restored to a relationship with Him is to live holy lives, set apart from the power of sin. This is only possible through reliance upon the Holy Spirit and daily surrender to His presence.

All believers in Christ are united by their faith and are part of the spiritual body of Christ which is His Church. Each member plays a unique essential role in fulfilling the mission of spreading the message of salvation and displaying the love of God. Through teaching,  prayer, fellowship, service, and worship, the Church provides the believer with the support they need to fulfill the mission.

We belong to the Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Church.


Pastor Mike Alben

Pastor Mike has been the pastor at Burien Evangelical since 2013. He has a BA in Religion and Christian Ministries from Warner Pacific College, a Master of Ministry from the Pacific Evangelical School of Ministry, and is ordained by the Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Church. Pastor Mike is married to Melanie, his wife of nearly 20 years. They have three children.

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